Sunday, August 03, 2008 

Psalm 1 Revisited

Back to those first three verses in the Psalm.

The first verse talks about the world; we have to be totally separated from the world. There is no question of sitting, standing or walking with the unrighteous [unbelievers]. The second verse talks about the Word; we live by the Word of God; the Word is our delight. When we read and meditate upon the Word of God it should be like milk and honey to us! Do we have a taste for the Word of God? No, we have a relish for the world! Worldly thoughts, ideas, imaginations, schemes, plans, interests, etc. have infiltrated into the church. If only we meditated upon the Word of God, meditation would lead to revelation; God would speak to us; we would hear His still, small voice. The spoken word strengthens our faith and builds up our inner man.

The third verse talks about the Holy Spirit. We live by the Spirit of God. We draw our strength from the Spirit. He is the living water. He established us, as a tree planted by the water bears fruit in its season. In due time, God will lift us up and help us to bear fruit for His glory. We will always be fresh and green, because God has anointed us with His Spirit. We will not wither or fade, but will be like oaks of righteousness planted in God's field, Isa 61.3.

Whatever is of the world is like chaff before God's eyes. It is fit only to be burned. Worldly wisdom, worldly achievement, worldly influence, worldly power?all these will perish in God's fiery judgment. The wisdom of this world is foolishness to God.

The Lord knows or approves of the way of the righteous. It is He who has planned our way [the paths of righteousness], and He goes before us and brings us into His 'promised land'.


Groaning, or Prayer in the Spirit

Prayer has to come from the bottom of our heart. We cannot pray merely with our lips. We have to put our heart and soul into our prayers. Especially when we pray alone. We need to groan and travail in prayer. Our prayer can be short, just 2 to 3 minutes, but if it is fervent and intense and from the bottom of our heart, I believe it touches the throne of grace. How many of our prayers merely hit the roof and bounce back! Oh, we need to get in touch with God. He hears prayer!

Prayer has to come forth like groaning. Oh, Lord, You must help me; You must deliver me; You must glorify Your name [as a prayer-hearing and prayer-answering God]! I do believe that we must prove God through prayer. Lack of earnest intense prayer is the greatest drawback in our spiritual life. Everything has to come from God. We live in and by and through Him. That is why it is written that Christ is our life, Colossians 3.4. And that is why He said, 'You have to eat Me and drink Me in order to experience eternal life.' May we learn to groan in the spirit.

Monday, December 11, 2006 

En Route to Bijanbari

En Route to Bijanbari
Originally uploaded by prolix6x.
En route to Bijanbari, it was raining. I saw these school children with their umbrellas. Their beaming smiles brightened the rainy day. It was a glorious time we had in Darjeeling district, over two years ago.
[Taken with old Philips camera, April-May 2004.]

I love this composition, because I was on the road above and these children were walking down the hill path to their village. They had these lovely umbrellas. I asked them to stop and look up and they obliged.

My Philips camera did more than oblige! It captured not just the children, but the atmosphere, the freshness of the hills in summer rain.

Thursday, December 07, 2006 

Bhelpuri Wallah, India Gate

Bhelpuri Wallah, India Gate
Originally uploaded by prolix6x.
This bhelpuri stand is having brisk sales. I don't know why they encourage smoke. Is it to drive insects away?
Bhelpuri is made of puffed rice mixed with a lot of other spicy and tasty stuff. The young chap on the left is also selling something, but his eyes are on the bhelpuri stand.
Behind the bhelpuri stand, we see a family walking past, perhaps to chose a nice spot on the lawns to relax and let the kids play.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006 

Cooking Rasam

This man is cooking rasam in the pot in his outdoor kitchen. He is one of the contract labourers employed in the Park to prepare seedlings. As I was walking through the Park, I noticed these hovels and came near just to find this young man in a rather embarrassing situation. Cooking in this country is done by the women. But, obviously, he is helping out. Perhaps he is a good cook. I took some great shots of these people and their families. Hope to display them in this blog shortly.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 

Faith, Waiting

'Though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.' Habakkuk 2.3

Many of us desire to pluck our fruit in June rather than wait until October, and so, of course, it is sour and immature; but God's purposes ripen slowly and fully, and faith waits while He tarries, knowing He will surely come and will not tarry too long.

It is perfect rest to fully learn and wholly trust this glorious promise. We may know without a question that His purposes shall be accomplished when we have fully committed our ways to Him, and are walking in watchful obedience to His every prompting. This faith will give a calm and tranquil poise to the spirit, and save us from the restless fret of trying to do too much ourselves.

Wait, and every wrong will righten;
Wait, and every cloud will brighten,
If you will only wait.
Dr. A.B. Simpson

[Extract from 'Springs in the Valley' by Mrs Charles Cowman. Devotional for 23rd May.]

Wednesday, April 12, 2006 

After long rain

After long rain
The sun showers its beauty;
The stars, diamond droplets,
Spangle a dark satin heaven.

Tom Prato

Saturday, January 28, 2006 

In the Rajah's Room, Darjeeling

Monday, January 09, 2006 

From 'The Measure of Christ' by TAS

Why is spiritual growth so slow in some and so gloriously quick in others? Because some kick and question, or argue with God; go round and round the point asking, Does it mean this? Must I do this? Is it necessary? Can I, may I do this? and so on. Yet these very people are loudest in saying they want only the will of God; but their very affirmation often shows a struggle is going on, and their growth is fraught with a good deal of friction.

Others in a beautiful sincerity and purity of spirit are immediately letting go to the Lord, so He is able to lead them on, without waste of time in controversy with the will of God; and there is no weakness through there not being an utter abandonment and whole-hearted obedience and surrender to that will. There is a passion for the Lord Himself, and for Him to have His full way at whatever cost.

It all depends on our appreciation of the Lord Jesus. When we get a true value of Him, and see all that He is for us to the Father, and as by faith we appropriate Him, we quietly grow - "Beholding... the Lord, are changed (transformed from within) into the same image, from glory to glory" (2 Cor. 3:18).

The hindrance to growth is the regarding things as apart from the Person, the Lord Jesus. We would never walk round the Scripture, as we sometimes do, debating whether we would or would not, if we had a full appreciation of Him, if our passion was for Him to get the fullest glory possible; we should instantly yield, that Christ might get more glory.

Is not the difficulty often in our regarding aspects of the Christian life as something in themselves?

An adequate appreciation of the Lord Jesus gets rid of all the strain of spiritual growth. Christ is most glorified where Christ is most in the heart. Growth is bound up with the Beloved One; and growth is the outcome of being occupied with Him, giving the Lord Jesus His place in everything; He the first, and He all, and in all. Conclusively it is a matter of the measure of Christ, we must see that everything is bound up with the Lord Jesus Himself.

[Extracted from 'The Measure of Christ' by T. Austin-Sparks. It is worth reading the entire message on]

Monday, December 26, 2005 

Delour Hotel, Kalimpong

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